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10-12 Jacka Boulevard St,Kilda 3182 Melbourne, VIC
Phone: (042) 149-2389

Achieving true self confidence and Pain Free mobility is important to us



Bachelor of Nursing Degree to couple her Certificate 3 and 4 in fitness

Over 10 years experience working with the human body

With many years of experience as a personal trainer, I am delighted to help you achieve you health or fitness goals, just like I have helped many people across Melbourne. With a Bachelor of Nursing Degree to couple my Certificate 3 and 4 in fitness, I truly know the body inside and out. I have expert skills and knowledge of posture and corrective and rehabilitative exercises, on top of my sweet but bossy personality. That’s what makes me an EXCEPTIONAL trainer.

I ‘m hugely passionate about seniors strength training and love working with our local residents to keep them as fit, active and healthy as possible as they grow older. Seniors strength training is essential to help keep our lovely parents and grandparents at home, mobile, and pain free for as long as possible by reducing their risk of slips, trips and falls which are a recipe best served with a broken hip and a lengthy hospital admission. My experience as a personal trainer includes commercial gyms, small boutique studios and now Pure Balance Lifestyles, as well as teaching Fundamentals of Gymnastics to beginners who want to truly challenge themselves in body weight training or maybe do a handstand…! My overall training style is personalised to your needs, but always involves body and free weight training challenging you in a dynamic yet progressive manner.

I focus my creative eye entirely on functional movements that build the foundational strength required to assist you to move best with your body while completing the activities of everyday living. I truly care about your health and mobility, and a pain free body with unrestricted mobility is important to me, so if it’s important to you too I look forward to working with you. My mission for Pure Balance Lifestyles is to create the most engaging, dynamic, realistic yet personalised approach to personal training catered to your lifestyle and budget requirements because in the end, to achieve eternal happiness, it’s all about balance. Pure Balance.

Conveniently located on the shores of St Kilda Beach, Louise takes on a range of clientele at South Pacific Health Club.  Her vast array of skills and experience accommodates for clientele who are both members and NON MEMBERS (no gym membership required for personal training).  With those breathtaking sea views this unique club also offers refomer pilates classes, yoga (including hot) classes, rooftop training, beachfront training, natural sea water pool and sauna.  Why train anywhere else?  Send an enquiry through today to book your free consultation and trial session.  You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.  

For personal training enquiries please contact Louise directly

Louise is experienced in –

Older adult strength and conditioning

Post operative rehabilitation

Pain Management


Fundamentals of gymnastics

Complex medical issues

Complex muscular, joint and bone issues

Correction of lower back pain

Sports specific training – tennis, swimming, car racing

Sculpting and toning

Wedding preparation for bridal parties and brides


Major weight loss


Mental Health

Corporate Clients

Correction of postural deficits

Referals from health professionals including physiotherapist, myotherapist, osteotherapy chiropractor or general practitioner.