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{South Pacific Health clubs}{10-12 Jacka Boulevard St,Kilda}{Melbourne}{3182}{VIC}{Australia}{(042) 149-2389}
10-12 Jacka Boulevard St,Kilda 3182 Melbourne, VIC
Phone: (042) 149-2389

Pain Free Mobility is Achieved with Functional Body Weight MOVEMENTS
and Free Weight Exercises


Specialist Personal Training

Melbourne Based.  Involves careful and meticulous assessment, personalised and progressive exercise programming inclusive of all supervision, education and mentoring. Your session will cover individual postural education, a balanced, pre-planned personal training session supported with only functional movements including body weight and free weight exercises. You will also learn how to use several self myofascial release techniques to relieve areas of tightness causing pain. Exceed your expectations and start training today!


Personalised Exercise Programming OR remote personal training

We know how much busy lifestyles can impact on the ability to stay in shape, eat well, and make it to appointments as well as look after our career and families. But we also know how much this can affect our stress and energy levels.

Pure Balance Lifestyles is bridging the gap in modern day personal training by offering a PERSONALISED service which you complete independently in the comfort of your own home or gym WITHOUT breaking the bank.


Seniors Strength Training

Pure Balance Lifestyles is passionate about the health of older adults in our community, and believes it is ESSENTIAL for older adults to have access to appropriate and safe strength training practices and equipment.  Please enquire about a personalised plan for yourself or a loved one.