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10-12 Jacka Boulevard St,Kilda 3182 Melbourne, VIC
Phone: (042) 149-2389

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If you are trying to achieve real results, it is essential that you not only know what you are doing, but you what you are doing is complimenting the result you are truly looking for. In my experience as a trainer, no two people are the same. Here are some truly affordable options for those in the community.

Purely Personalised Exercise Programming

This journey always begins with a face to face personal consultation, individual health assessment and all the tools you need to work with me to achieve your goals in the best time frame.

Individual postural analysis and needs assessment

Realistic goal setting

Personal exercise coaching and mentoring

Progressive program delivered fortnightly - inclusive of all exercise graphics and instructions

30 min Personal Training and review session each fortnight

Monthly weigh in's (where required)

Expert knowledge, best practice standards and educational based results

COST : $120.00 per month ($30 weekly)


"I'm a busy mother of two who works part time, before I met with Louise, I thought that keeping everything running smoothly at home and work as well as taking care of my health was impossible.  Now my exercise is conveniently layed out for me each fortnight and the face to face training and education each fortnight keeps the motivation going!  Louise has helped me to lose 9kg and I feel amazing"

Jodie Spear

"As I got older I was experiencing less and less motivation for physical exercise, couple that with increasing aches and pains and long term back pain, I really was becoming miserable.  Although it's taken time, Louise has been able to correctly educate me on the exercises I should be doing, while helping to gently progress my strength and fitness to the point where my back pain has significantly decreased and my mobility has never been better.  I really do feel stronger for longer"

Rod Keyes

"Training under Louise's supervision has been an eye opening experience for me, as a regular gym go-er I thought I knew alot about the exercises I was doing at the gym but Louise has completely changed my training regime, exercise selection and I now know how to use barbells effectively!  Her coaching is so informative and I'm finally achieving the goals I had been striving for!"

 Kat R.